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Our beautiful World is full of lies. Why? Why do people feel such a desperate need to cling to lies, untruths and fantasy? Is the World not beautiful enough without filling it with falsehoods?
Over the centuries many men and women have written many thousands of books explaining and supporting lies. In all fairness, the majority of those authors have undoubtedly believed the lies of which they wrote. But that does not excuse the pernicious spreading of lies. I believe it is time that we came out of the dark and entered the light. And I propose to do my bit to lift the veil through this small work.
Men and women have been permitted down the ages to spread lies and misinformation. Am I not allowed to endeavor to spread some truth?

Desert Dreaming

An adventure story set it the Western Australian outback. A geologist accidentally discovers a terrorist group with plans to spread mayhem in Australia. The geologist, after several near misses foils the terrorists and emerges victorious.


Really copy.png

Facts, facts, facts! We are surrounded by facts: some strange, some horrific, some unbelievable, and some funny. Those facts make us who we are.

Humans are a curious species and we all want to know the truth.

Astronomy, animals, plants, the human body, science, history, people, war, and the Earth are all interesting subjects about which most of us know very little.

This book contains many known facts that you probably didn't know before, but will make you say, "Really !?"

Did you know that our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, are on a collision course? But not to worry, the two galaxies won't collide for about four billion years. Really !?

Lasseters Legacy

The Lasseter legend is well known in Australia, or at least it was when I was a younger man. The story goes that a man named Harrold Lasseter whilst journeying across the desert from Alice Springs to the west coast around 1900 reportedly discovered a fabulously rich reef of gold. Nothing was done about the discovery until many years later in the 1930’s when Lasseter mounted an expedition to relocate the fabulous reef, an expedition that resulted in his death and no reef. Since that time many people have ventured into the desert in search of the reef with no success. This book details a geologists quest for the reef and his own fabulous gold find which become embroiled in criminal conspiracy and action. Of course the hero geologist triumphs and a World class series of gold mines is established. It should however be noted that the author believes that Lasseters gold reef never existed.
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